//Alex- Kidney Recipient

Alex- Kidney Recipient

I moved to Kentucky in 2005. I thought I had food poisoning but found out after a visit to an immediate care center that I had high blood pressure and the nurses asked if I was feeling okay. They ran tests and found out that something was wrong. They sent me to a hospital and I was admitted for three days and a lot of tests were run and an ultrasound was completed.

I found out I was born with one kidney. It was a life changing moment. I moved here not knowing anyone but my fiancee at the time. It was a quite a scary time, with lots of uncertainty. I started dialysis. I did in center hemo-dialysis for 18 months.

I asked people who I went to church with here in Louisville if they would be willing to be tested to be a donor.  Honestly, it was challenging to take “yes” as an answer as I was nearly a stranger to them. We decided first to “handle” the situation by doing the dialysis treatments.

After 18 months went by, and many medical issues and complications, we went back and talked with one particular person Kathy B, she was interested in starting this process. In the winter of 2007 she started this process of work-up. In June of 2007 I was given the opportunity of a second chance at life. This amazing gift has given me the opportunity to be a father and to also give me the opportunity to give back to this community.

My kidney disease has given me an opportunity to give back to the local community in educating and advocating for individuals who have Chronic Kidney Disease

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