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Aftercare Program

KODA’s Aftercare Program is a continuation of the care given to donor families at the time of donation.  Donor families receive an initial letter explaining how many individuals were helped through the Gift of Life.  Donor families receive correspondence from KODA for fifteen months, including literature on coping with death and grief, the newsletter for donor families entitled “For Those Who Give and Grieve”, a reading list, and other helpful information.

KODA’s Aftercare Program is coordinated by Gretchen Starnes, who has firsthand knowledge of grief and sorrow after losing a loved one. Gretchen corresponds with donor families through her “Grief Tips” via e-mail and on this webpage, facilitates correspondence between donor families and recipients, and invites feedback through surveys and the Donor Family Council on a regular basis.

The Donor Family Council is made up of members of donor families who have volunteered to help others through their loss. The members meet quarterly, offering support to one another, and providing input to KODA and ideas on ways to help donor families.  The members of the Council take a leading role in planning the annual Donor Recognition Ceremony. They also support local events honoring donors, such as the Pegasus Parade and many other donor family initiated memorial walks, runs, and tournaments.  Anyone who would like more information on the Local Donor Family Council should email Gretchen Starnes at g.starnes@kodaorgan.org.

KODA’s annual Donor Recognition Ceremony is a special ceremony that is held to remember and honor those who gave the Gift of Life. Donor families and friends can share memories of their loved ones with other families through photographs, a video tribute, a personalized quilt square, and buttons made with your loved one’s picture. Members of KODA’s Donor Family Council help plan this annual event, and are present to help others as they themselves have been helped in the past. Families who are currently enrolled in KODA’s Aftercare Program will receive further information about the Recognition Ceremony through the mail.