Donor Family Quilts

The Donor Family Quilts memorialize and honor those who helped others through organ and tissue donation.  Donor families are offered the opportunity to create a quilt square that is a memorial tribute to their loved one, and Connie Ballard, a donor mom from Mt. Sterling, will incorporate all newly contributed quilt squares into an existing quilt, or begin a new one. 

As a donor family member, you have the opportunity to honor your loved one by contributing a Quilt square to the Local Donor Family Quilt, which stays in the Kentucky/Indiana/West Virginia area.  There is no timeframe, so you can create and submit a Quilt square to honor your loved one at any time. Download the Donor Family Quilt Brochure to learn more about creating and contributing a square to a quilt.

If you would like more information on the Donor Family Quilt, please send a request to


Quilts and Quilt Squares

Click Here to look up your loved one’s individual quilt square and to find out which quilt they are on.