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YOU Have the Opportunity to Save Lives!

  How’s That For a Legacy?

The easiest way for an individual to document their wish to save lives through organ donation is to join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry, where one’s wishes regarding donation will be carried out as requested.  By joining the Registry, an individual’s wishes are documented electronically in a safe and secure database.

Joining the donor registry could potentially save or enhance the lives of up to 50 individuals.

For Kentuckians, joining the Kentucky Donor Registry is as easy as logging on the secure website www.donatelifeky.org or signing up when you renew your driver’s license, where you can also request the donor icon, below, on your license. The Donor Registry enables your family members to know that you have chosen to save and enhance lives through donation.  Kentucky has “First Person Consent” laws in effect, meaning that the wishes of an individual will be carried out as requested.  Logging onto www.donatelife.net will enable people outside of Kentucky to join their state donor registry.

Up to seven lives can be saved with the donation of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and pancreas, and up to fifty lives can be enhanced with tissue donation, including restoring sight, helping burn victims and enhancing mobility through spinal and other surgeries